Fiber Optic Splicing Patching Panel 12~24 Core, 19″ 1U Type ODF



1. Item code: STFU11.
2. Made of cold-rolled steel sheets by electrostatic plastic spraying with proper structure and neatly looking.
3. Suitable for both ribbon and non-ribbon optical fiber cable.
4. Splice& patch tray installed suitable for FC, SC adapters.
5. With the simple design, scientific structure and good quality, best economical type to meet low costs requirements.
6. Pigtails spliced inside the fiber optic splice patch tray.
7. Fiber bend radius control – > 40mm.
8. Capacity: 12~24 core.
9. 1U Fiber Splice Termination Panel is suitable for 19 Inch Standard Fiber Distribution Frame/Cabinet.