Fiber Optic Splicing Patching Rotate Shelves 24 Core, 19 Inch Rack Mounted Rotation ODF

1. Item code: fiber optic distribution enclosure– STFU09, fiber splice tray—STST07.
2. 1U swing out rotate design, patch/splice tray could be pulled out.
3. The depth of installation could be adjusted, and installation and maintenance will be flexible, convenient and universal.
4. The Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Splice Patch Panels can be used for ribbon & bunch fiber cables, suitable for SC or FC adapters.
5. Fiber bend radius control – > 40mm.
6. Capacity: 24 core.
7. Assembled with Fiber Optical Splice Tray STST07.
8. The Rack Mounted Rotation ODF is made of cold-rolled steel sheets by electrostatic plastic spraying.