Fiber Optical Distribution Frame/Rack, ODF



1. Item code: STODF02.
2. Electrolysis sheet frame, electrostatic spraying on the whole.
3. The Fiber Optic Distribution Racks designed 2 doors on each side design, cable entry from top or bottom.
4. Flexible installation, wall type or back type, and can de-installed in large groups
5. ODF with a modular structure, it adjusts melting, distributes the unit.
6. The fiber distribution cabinet suits with Ribbon and Common Fiber Optical Cables can install with SC, FC, ST adapters.
7. A reliable device of fiber stripping, protection, fix and grounding.
8. Ensure the bent radius of fiber and cable more than 40mm in anywhere.
9. Realize up or down input by the simple adjustment of units, and clear identification.
10. As your requests, installing different types of fiber distribution boxes, splicing patching panels in the Fiber Distribution Racks.
11. 42U ODF, depth: 500mm, width: 900mm, adjustable for 19″/21″/23″.