GJAJG02 Steel Belt Cladded Indoor FTTH Fiber Optic Cables

  • Description:

Item Code: STIFC-GJAJG02
GJAJG02 is Indoor Steel Belt Cladded Fiber Cable with tight tube optical fiber, high-modulus aramid strength member, spiral metallic tube and metallic braid as protection, and high-performance outer sheath material.

  • Features:

1. Stainless steel protection layer for fibers, good tension resistance.
2. Good resistance to flattening force, bending, repeated bending, and anti-rat biting.
3. Excellent flexibility, minimum bending radius is 10 times to cable diameter.
4. 12 colors available for outer sheath.
5. An outer protective duct is unnecessary when laying, save wiring groove space, convenient and easy for laying.
6. Product life is 15 years.

  • Applications:

GJAJG02 FTTH Fiber Optic Cables are applicable to the central office and indoor wiring.