GJYPFH Pipeline Bow-type Drop Cable, FTTH Optical Fiber Cable

GJYPFH Pipeline Bow-type Drop Cable, China FTTH Optical Fiber Cable
  • Description:

Dual-core colored optical fibers, non-metallic strength members, black low smoke, non-halogen flame retardant outer sheath material.

  • Features:

1. Totally dry structure, convenient for cleaning and construction.
2. Adopt the bending non-sensitive fiber, have excellent bending resistance.
3. In favor of safe and reliable construction, and avoid construction faults.
4. Applicable to the terminal on site.
5. Product life is 15 years.

  • Applications:

1. GJYPFH FTTH Cable is applicable to indoor and outdoor installation, pipeline access.
2. Laying Way: Overhead, Pipeline.