GPMXTC33 GPMXTCY33 Drainpipe Micro Optical Fiber Cable

GPMXTC33 GPMXTCY33 Drainpipe Micro Optical Fiber Cable
  • Description:

GPMXTC33/GPMXTCY33 Drainpipe Micro Fiber Cable: accurate exceed length control, phosphide–galvanized steel wires armoring, filling compound, high-density PE jacket.

  • Features:

1. Stainless steel tube, steel wires armoring, small outer diameter and compact construction.
2. Low attenuation and dispersion.
3. Special control of excess length ensures the good transmission performance in varying environments.
4. Excellent temperature performance and water blocking performance.
5. Good mechanical resistance to tensile and lateral crushing.
6. The inner sheath could be removed (GPMXTC33).

  • Applications:

1. GPMXTC33/GPMXTCY33 Micro Fiber Cable is suitable for LAN and network access.
2. Laying Way: Self-support for short distance and in the drainpipe.