GYFTA Waterproof Pigtail Cable, FTTH Optical Fiber Cables

GYFTA Waterproof Pigtail Cable, China FTTH Optical Fiber Cables
  • Description:

Waterproof Pigtail Cable is a special indoor fiber optic cable made of single-core fiber as basic component, basic unit is single fiber.2~12 fibers arrange around non-metallic strength member, wrapped with waterproof yarn outside, reinforced and sealed with the aluminum armored layer.

  • Features:

1. Good mechanical and environment characters.
2. Flame retardant or non-flame-extending outer sheath for good security.
3. Easy and convenient for connection.
4. Large capacity data transmission.

  • Applications:

1. Pigtails connecting with equipment.
2. Connecting line among local area networks, and instruments.