Unitube-S Fiber Cable (Pavement Chiseling), FTTH Optical Fiber Cable

<b>Unitube-S Fiber Cable (Pavement Chiseling), China FTTH Optical Fiber Cable</b>
  • Description:

Item Code: STFFC-Unitube-S
2~12 core loose tube, wrapped with high-intensity polyester yarn, high-performance outer sheath material.

  • Features:

1. Large fiber count, compact structure, small size, lightweight.
2. Many types of fibers can be mixed into one cable.
3. High resistance to tensile force and flattening force.
4. Waterproof, UV-proof, have good resistance to high and low temperature, and to cracking in tension environment.
5. Product life is 30 years.

  • Applications:

1. Indoor and outdoor installation
2. Pipeline access.
3. Pavement Chiseling.