GJPFJV-24 Multi-Core Indoor Bundle Fiber Optic Cable II, Indoor Optical Fiber Cable

GJPFJV-24 Multi Core Indoor Bundle Fiber Optic Cable II, China Indoor Optical Fiber Cable
  • Description:

Item Code: STIFC-GJPFJV-24
GJPFJV-24 Indoor Multi-Core Bundle Fiber Optic Cable II: 24 core tight tube optical fibers, double-stranded structure, high-modulus aramid strength member, and high-performance outer sheath material.

  • Feature:

1. Numerous fiber count, high fiber density, form many independent optical units, terminal direct physical protection.
2. Soft, flexible, with small bending radius, good performance of tension and strain.
3. Flame retardant outer sheath available, LSZH outer sheath available.
4. All-dielectric design, no effect of electromagnetic induction.
5. Product life is 15 years.

  • Applications:

1. Indoor wiring.
2. Multi-core jumpers and pigtails.
3. Used in connecting line among local area networks, equipment, and instruments.