GYFJZS-1 Single Core Armored Indoor Optical Fiber Cable

<b>GYFJZS-1 Single Core Armored Indoor Optical Fiber Cable</b>
  • Description:

Single core fiber with steel tape outer armor, high-strength aramid strength member, and high-performance outer sheath material.

  • Features:

1. GYFJZS-1 Single Core Fiber Cable is of small bending radius, small size, lightweight.
2. Flame retardant outer sheath, with good protection.
3. Many colors of outer sheath available, printing available.
4. Good flexible performance could be assembled to patch cord and pigtail.
5. Good resistance to lateral pressure.
6. Product life is 15 years.

  • Applications:

1. Directly connected to standard connectors.
2. Connecting line between sensing components.
3. GYFJZS-1 Armored Fiber Cable can be applicable to indoor, outdoor and floor wiring construction.