MGXTSV Mining Optical Fiber Cable

<b>MGXTSV Mining Optical Fiber Cable, Mine Fiber Optic Cable</b>
  • Description:

MGXTSV is outdoor communication Mining Fiber Optic Cable with structure of metal strength member, central tube filling, entrainment wire, steel – polyethylene bonded jacket, and blue flame retardant PVC sheath. Beam tube is filled with the water blocking ointment. Between the beam tube and sheath filled water blocking tape, there is blue flame retardant CMR.

  • Features:

1. Full cross-section water-blocking structure ensures good performance of water-blocking and moisture-proof.
2. Loose tube filled with special ointment provides protection for optical fiber.
3. Two parallel round wires enhance both tensile strength and resistance to lateral pressure.
4. Small diameter, lightweight, good bending performance.
5. MGXTSV Mine Optical Fiber Cable has good flame retardant properties.
6. Central tube construction is convenient for operation.
7. Product life over 30 years.

  • Applications:

1. MGXTSV Mining Fiber Cable is suitable for long-distance communication and inter-office communication.
2. Laying Way: Overhead, Pipeline.
3. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 60 ℃
4. Bend Radius: Static 10 x Cable Diameter
Dynamic 20 x Cable Diameter