Multi Function Distribution Frames, MDF DDF ODF Hybrid Distribution Frames/Cabinets (HDF Blocks)


1. Item code: STHDF01
2. Standard 19” HDF Blocks Cabinets with two heights as 2m, 2.2m for different capacities, meeting different needs.
3. Suitable for ribbon cables and common cables. Adaptor panel can accept many types of fiber optical adaptors.
4. Modular panel design for digital distribution, offering distribution, adjustment and testing services. Coaxial connectors (male or female) are gilded, resulting in high durability.
5. High-density punch blocks are used for phone line distribution, Plug on the protective device to connect the internal line and the external line, to perform circuit malfunction test, and to protect against over-voltage and over-current.
6. Capacity ratio of HDF Blocks among optical, digital and phone line distribution can be tailored according to customers’ requirements.
7. Digital modular panels and phone punch blocks can be installed on both front and rear sides so as to expand capacities.
8. Complete functions of Hybrid Distribution Frames combined in one apparatus, for the use in a small capacity equipment room, space-saving, dust-proof and protective against unexpected damages.