Optical Fiber Distribution Box Rotate Type 12/24/36/48/72/96 Core, 19 Inch Rotating ODF


1. Item code: STFU10.
2. The Fiber Termination Rotate Shelf is made of cold-rolled steel sheets by electrostatic plastic spraying with proper structure and neatly looking.
3. Splice& patch tray installed suitable for FC, SC, ST, LC types adapter, etc.
4. Suitable for both ribbon and non-ribbon Optical Fiber Cables.
5. Termination/patch enclosure is separated from the splicing enclosure.
6. 19” rotating design, pigtails spliced inside the splicing tray.
7. Fiber bend radius control – > 40mm.
8. Capacity: 12~96 core.
9. The Fiber Termination Rotate Shelf is designed for 19” standard fiber optical distribution frames.