GYFTA Non-metallic Strength Member Loose Tube Stranded Outdoor Optical Fiber Cables with LAP Sheath

  • Description:

GYFTA is an Outdoor Communication Optical Fiber Cable of non-metallic strength member of the loose tube jelly-filled structure, with Al-polyethylene laminated sheath.

  • Features:

1. Full cross-section water-blocking structure and double-sided coated aluminum with vertical cover ensure good water blocking and moisture resistance.
2. Loose tube is filled with special ointment for key protection of fiber
3. High-modulus FRP central strength member.
4. Product life is 30 years.

  • Performance Indicators:

1. Applications: Fiber Cable GYFTA is suitable for long-distance communication and interoffice communication.
2. Way of Laying: Overhead, Pipeline.
3. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃
4. Bend Radius: Static 10 x Cable Diameter
Dynamic 20 x Cable Diameter