GYTC8S Loose Tube Stranded Figure 8 Self Supporting Aerial Fiber Optical Cable

<b>GYTC8S Loose Tube Stranded Figure 8 Self Supporting Aerial Fiber Optical Cable</b>
  • Description:

GYTC8S is an outdoor communication Figure 8 Self Supporting Aerial Fiber Optical Cable of metallic strength member of the loose tube gel-filled structure, with steel-polyethylene laminated sheath.

  • Features:

1. High-quality optical fiber provides good transmission performance.
2. Accurate fiber excess length control ensures excellent mechanical and temperature performance.
3. Special gel filled loose tubes provide perfectly key protection for fiber.
4. Full cross-section water-blocking structure ensures reliable performance of moisture-proof and water block.
5. Longitudinal corrugated steel tape gives desirable crush resistance.
6. Figure 8 Self-supporting Cable structure presents high tensile strength and enables easy and cost-saving aerial installations
7. Strict craft and material control enable lifespan over 30 years.

  • Performance Indicators:

1. Applications: Fiber Optic Cable GYTC8S is suitable for long-distance communication and interoffice communication.
2. The way of Laying: Aerial Self-supporting.
3. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃
4. Bend Radius: Static 10 x Cable Diameter
Dynamic 20 x Cable Diameter