Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel High Density 12 Port – 144 Port, 19 Inch Optical Fiber Splice Patch Shelf


1. Item code: STFU16
2. Simple design and scientific structure give cost effective solutions to low-cost requirements.
3. 19” standard size design is applicable to installation in Optical Fiber Distribution Cabinet.
4. Made of cold-rolled steel sheets after electrostatic plastic spraying with nice appearance.
5. Splice& patch tray and fiber guiding devices installed. Splice trays are installed like a booklet, it is convenient to enlarge capacity if need and the pigtails can be coiled and stored in the tray.
6. Each adapter panel installed with 8 adapters, which makes fiber management and fiber identification clear and neat.
7. Suitable for SC, FC, ST adapters.
8. Fiber bent radius control ≥ 40mm.
9. Capacity: 12~144 core.
10. The Fiber Optical Splice Shelf can use both ribbon and non-ribbon optical fiber cable.