Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Patch Splice Panel, 12 / 24 / 48 Port Optical Fiber Termination Patch Panel, 19″ Fiber Optic Patching Enclosure


1. Item code: STFU17.
2. The rack-mounted fixed type has a stable structure and scientific design to meet the cost-effective requirements.
3. The Fiber Optical Splice Patch Shelf is made of cold-rolled steel sheets by electrostatic plastic spraying, which has a nice appearance.
4. Splicing & patching trays and fiber guiding devices installed inside. Splicing tray on one side, fiber guiding devices on the other side, which makes fiber route clear.
5. Splicing trays are installed like a booklet, it is convenient to enlarge capacity if need and the pigtails can be coiled and stored in the tray.
6. Rubber rings on cable inlets to protect fiber cable against damages caused by the metallic edge of inlets.
7. Fiber bent radius control ≥40mm.
8. Capacity: 12~48 core.
9. Fiber Optic Splicing Patching Panel is suitable for ribbon & bunch fiber optical cables, can be installed with SC and FC adapters.