Rack Mounted Fiber Optical Patch Panel Drawer Style, 19 Inch 1U 2U Sliding Fiber Optic Patch Panel 12/ 24/ 48 Port


1. Item code: STFU14.
2. The Fiber Optic Sliding Patch Panel is made of stable cold-rolled steel sheets with static electric plastic sprayed, nice appearance.
3. Splicing trays and fiber guiding devices installed inside.
4. Pulling out the drawer box when operating, the scientific design enables convenient operation and clear fiber management.
5. Sliding rails installed to ensure smooth sliding when pull-out and push-in the drawer box.
6. Can be used for ribbon & bunch fiber cables.
7. Fiber bend radius control ≥40mm
8. Capacity: 12 Port, 24 Port, 48 Port.
9. Fixed adapter panel has good performances on stability and reliability.
10. SC and FC Fiber Optic Adapters are suitable for the drawer type Fiber Optic Sliding Patch Panel.