Rotary Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Rack Mount 19 Inch Rotating Style Optical Fiber Patch Panel 24 Port 1U


1. Item code: STFU18.
2. 1U rotary design, the splicing & patching tray can be pulled out during operations.
3. 19” standard size, compact volume, can be installed in fiber optical distribution racks.
4. Splicing tray installed, with a label for optical fiber identification.
5. Suitable for both ribbon and non-ribbon Optical Fiber Cables.
6. Applicable to FC, SC, ST, LC types adapter.
7. The area in front of adapter panel is the outlet route for patch cords, it is inside of the Revolved Sliding Fiber Enclosure to protect patch cords from dust and damage.
8. Fiber bend radius control ≥40mm.
9. Capacity: 12~24 core.
10. The Rotate Style Fiber Optical Patch Panel is made of cold-rolled steel sheets by electrostatic plastic spraying with proper structure and neatly looking.