Slide Out Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Rack Mounting Slidable Optical Fiber Patch Panel, 19″ Fiber Optic Distribution Panel Drawer Type

1. Item code: STFU15.
2. Sliding drawer design, sliding rails installed, splicing/patching trays can be pulled out when operating.
3. Splicing modules are inserted inside, each module has a reliable position to guide optical fibers.
4. Suitable for both ribbon and bunch fiber cables, can be installed with SC and FC adapters.
5. The Optical Fiber Distribution Panel has compact volume and scientific design enable low costs of purchasing and construction.
6. Fiber bending radius control ≥40mm.
7. Capacity: 12~144 core.
8. Material: cold-rolled steel sheets with electrostatic plastic spraying.
9. Designed as Rack Mounting Fiber Patch Panel 19 inch size, installed in fiber optic distribution racks.