GJFBJZV-2 3G Remote Special Fiber Optic CableⅠ, Dedicated Optical Fiber Cables

<b>GJFBJZV-2 3G Remote Special Fiber Optic CableⅠ, Dedicated Optical Fiber Cables</b>
  • Description:

GJFBJZV-2 3G Remote Special Fiber Optic Cable Ⅰ Structure: multi-core bundle PU optical fiber cable stranded by tight tube optical fiber SZ, with polyester tape vertical cladding, high-modulus aramid strength member, TPU outer sheath.

  • Features:

1. Tight tube and optical fibers are compact structure to protect optical fibers well.
2. Polyester tape vertical cladding protects cable core, and protect tight tube fibers from the lateral pressure by the outer sheath. It also has good heat insulation performance.
3. TPU outer sheath has excellent performance of flame retardant, wear-proof, oil-proof, UV-proof and stress crack resistance.
4. Soft, with compact structure, small size, light weight, small bending radius, good stress performance and good strain properties.
5. Good dissociative among optical fibers, aramid and outer sheath, convenient for laying.
6. All-dielectric design, no effect of electromagnetic induction.
7. GJFBJZV-2 3G Special Optical Cable meets the index and requirements of 3G base stations.

  • Applications:

1. GJFBJZV-2 3G Remote Special Fiber Optic Cables are used in TD-SCDMA field and BBU+RRU base stations, also applicable to indoor wiring.
2. Ends can use standard connectors.
3. Connecting line among local area network, equipment, and instruments.